Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Find what helps you...

Recently I've had a writers block. Then I re-read some of my recent posts and realized that I needed to read to help myself with the block.

One of the most helpful pieces I've read is by Eudora Welty "Why I live at the P.O." It's unique and the main characters personality is different and fun than a  lot of other characters I've read. Although I have read it before, just reading through it again helps me. It's funny and helps me get through my non-writing funk.

Also, any childhood book, movie or favorite novel helps a lot. I've read the Twilight Series three times, and it has helped me get into the flow of knowing what I need to come next. Any suprise, next step or plot that doesn't seem to want to flow write on paper, I get to reading any favorite novel of mine. It helps a lot.

These were just some thoughts I had on my mine during my writers block. :)

Brittany <3