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I'm a new agent and just started submitting. So, I have made one deal that I'm happy to say we're very excited about. My list will hopefully expand soon. I've signed a few new authors and things are looking great! I hope you guys enjoy my blog! :)

The Haret
by: Denise Daisy
Release date: September 22nd, 2012
Vamptasy Publishing

Blurb: THE HARET is about Felicitas Rebold a high school student that starts to have dreams about a man named Raine and she can’t help but feel utterly attracted to him. She thinks she is going crazy when her pregnancy test shows up positive. This isn’t good news, because, aside from the obvious problem, Felicitas has never had sex. Felicitas runs from her father, a prominent minister, to her grandmother Rosie who tells her of mystical tales that show her that the child Felicitas is carrying is the prophesied child, The Haret, which is destined to bring two worlds together with its birth. Felicitas is awoken to a world that she left behind but does not remember and has to run from the drakes that want to kill her baby. With a twist of a sacred vial, every memory will come back. But, is she ready to give up her life on Earth for a life she can’t remember?


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