Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Find what helps you...

Recently I've had a writers block. Then I re-read some of my recent posts and realized that I needed to read to help myself with the block.

One of the most helpful pieces I've read is by Eudora Welty "Why I live at the P.O." It's unique and the main characters personality is different and fun than a  lot of other characters I've read. Although I have read it before, just reading through it again helps me. It's funny and helps me get through my non-writing funk.

Also, any childhood book, movie or favorite novel helps a lot. I've read the Twilight Series three times, and it has helped me get into the flow of knowing what I need to come next. Any suprise, next step or plot that doesn't seem to want to flow write on paper, I get to reading any favorite novel of mine. It helps a lot.

These were just some thoughts I had on my mine during my writers block. :)

Brittany <3


  1. I found that music often helps me. I try to find songs that put me in the emotional state of my characters. That tends to unlock a lot of feelings that my character is having. Sometimes I'm surprised! Reading also helps, but my eyes are already tired from writing and editing, that reading isn't always an option. I'm actually reading a book right now, called, "The Bluest Eyes," by Toni Morrison. It's a short read, and thought provoking.

  2. I love Toni Morrison. You know, it's funny that you say that about songs. I actually got a book idea from a song the other day. It's funny how other art can help other artist with their work. Are you enjoying "The Bluest Eyes?" I will have to check that one out.

  3. Yes, I am, very much. A friend of mine told me about it, and it sounded inspiring. I am a huge advocate for equality, bridging social gaps and putting a stop to racism. The Bluest Eyes targets the ignorance of racism, and how it can twist and contort the image you have of yourself. Also, abuse and neglect is a huge part of the plot. I would say, if you don't have an iron stomach, give it some thought before reading.

    Toni Morrison is amazing.


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