Monday, November 29, 2010

Great News

So, my goal was to become a literary agent. Well, that's what I wanted to be when I graduated from College. So, the agent, Marisa Corvisiero, that is helping me get my book published offered me an incredible opportunity. I am now the Jr. Literary Agent for her! Hold your applause! :) Thank you Marisa, you are amazingly awesome! :)

I've read over two manuscripts and I am looking forward to some queries tonight! This proves several things. Prayers, they really do come true. Even if you lose your storage keys, get in an arugment at work, lose your patience with World Lit test, and get tired of school. Prayers come through just in time! :)Secondly, age is just a number. It doesnt matter if you are 18 or 81, you have a chance for your dreams to come true no matter what. Never let someone think that your accomplishments or your goals aren't as good or  out of reach just because of your age. Also, this proves that if you want it, all you have to do it try for it. Try Try again.

My teacher told me that passion would get you farther in life than talent, but since you have both you are unstoppable! This made my entire week. Hearing Miss. Bloom tell me this, I just knew everything would be good! :)

So the lesson for today is 'Don't Stop Believing,' even if you are a small town girl, living in a lonely world.

Haha. Okay, a little cheesy I know, but I had to say it! :)