Monday, July 22, 2013


Hey everyone! I haven't been on here near as much as I had hoped! I do have a few new things to blog about.

- Cassie Mae  has signed a three book deal with Month9books, and a two book deal with Random House. Covers below! :)

Friday Night Alibi- Random House
How To Date A Nerd- Month9Books (Swoon)
Random House Flirt "Switched"
-Melissa Giorgio's book THE SIGHT SEER was picked up by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. She is now #9 on Amazon's Coming of Age Fantasy. :)
Theresa Paolo's NA romance (NEVER) AGAIN was picked up by Penguin (Berkley)

Coleen Burright's novel Wonderfully Wicked was picked up by Month9Books (Swoon Romance) Cover coming soon! :)