Monday, May 31, 2010

Keeping it going....

Writing, writing, writing. I feel like my life has been overcomed with words, typing and also writing down things on napkins at work when I get an idea. When we aren't busy of course. :) But, summer I starts tomorrow, and I will have math class, business speaking, work, and writing. But, its strange, no matter what is going on in my life I find a way to write. I find a way to write, because I love it. I feel myself getting lost in my characters. Sometimes I think my boyfriend should speed off with ultraspeed into the darkness of the night. Ha. Fighting Destiny is a story that I'm sure girls will love. I'm not to sure about boys, their are some boys that love love stories, so probably some will enjoy it. There are definitely some action scenes in there, but more in my second one that I am working on now. I've asked my agent if it would be okay to put a short section of my book on my blog or my fanpage on facebook, but I just done that, so I will know soon. I just wanted to let people know a little bit of how it will read. But, if that doesnt happen, hopefully y'all will get to see it on the shelves soon. Eventhough, I've read it can take a long time to get a book published, so, it might be a few months, I'll keep you guys updated on everything.

- Love, Brittany

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thoughts, Advice, Interest, and thanks. To the wondeful people in my life. Hopefully my Book will make it far!

Finally, I got my first final out of the way. Now, all is left is Math, my most dreaded enemy, number and letters. But, on the other hand. I have no classes today or tomorrow, only a study session, so I have TONS of time to write. My most favorite thing to do in my entire life. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. I know, I know, tons of people love to write. But, when I set down and day dream in class, I wonder how could ANYONE love to do this as much as me. But, I'm not in denial. I know they are out there, wondering, writing, pondering, and in the process of their next victim, princess, dragon, vampire or werewolf they are fixing to put on paper. Sometimes I feel like I have ink or lead in my blood. That is flowing out toward my computer, paper, or even my I-pod. I find it really useful. While I help my mom clean, I constantly get ideas on how my book series is going to turn out, so I quickly pull out my I-pod, press notepad, and start typing my idea on my keyboard. Yes, I am obsessed if you were wondering. Can I spell, no, do I know a lot of fancy words others do not, no, do I have my degree yet, no. But, I do have an imagination. An imagination that is dying to get out, dying to work its way out on to my laptop, I-pod or notepad. I love what I do, and I continue to do it as far as I can.

Advice-- "What does she know?" "She has never published a book, or anything."
Thats probably what you are thinking right now. But, I have had a short story published, and articles in my College and Home Newspaper. But, no, thats not where my heart is.
I'll tell you this, I have had the tourment of trying to find an agent. On my second try I recieved a I want to read more, that lead to more, than to "I would like to represent you." But, that first rejection letter, stung my heart. I cried, after my mom read the letter to me, and after I talked to everyone. In my room, in my bed, I cried. I have worked so hard on my first book. Staying up late thinking, "what would people reading this think?" Although, I've learned if you write it, because you enjoy it, someone out there will like it. Plus, I'm a young female adult, I know what girls like. Heck, I am one.

So, just when you think your life is over after a rejection. Do your HOMEWORK, as my agent calls it. Look up whatever your book is about, and look up agents with that interest. Dont give up! Please, truth is, I would probably love what you are writing, along with everyone else.

So, at the end of the day, my thoughts are scattered, from advice, school work, my book and my life.

I'd like to say Thank you God, for giving me the patience I never had until now. Thank you to my family, for the hours of tourment you suffered from me telling you about my book. Thanks Greg, my boyfriend, that I'm sure wants to choke me, because all I talk about is the guys in my book. (Sorry babe, nothing personal) And last but not least, Marisa, my agent. Without your interest in my book. I'd still be sending in query letters.

Thanks guys.