Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things I've learned as a writer

When writing and we think that we have an amazing piece, short story, novel or poem, we think that nothing should be changed in our work. I learned this in Intro to Creative Writing and it's a big fault we all have.

If someone is reading our work and doesnt understand something, DO NOT brush them off. We are NOT the reader of our work, we are the creator. We know what this person really meant to say, or how we picture the character acting, replying or standing. When a reader reads our work they don't see inside our head. The thing that seems SO obvious to us, does not come so obvious to them.

Think about it. Listen to someone else's opionion. Find someone that will take your work and give you an honest answer. NOT YOUR MOM. Sorry MOm's you just think everything we do is great. *Even when it's not*

Also. When you write and you have a character going to school, going to mars, going to the bathroom! I DONT CARE, make it realistic. Even a fiction novel or piece, make the reader relate to the character.


She turned and pushed me so hard I fell onto the wooden floor beneath me. I stood up and turned around to leave. Then next day.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!! What person after being pushed down, even if doing the bigger man thing wouldn't be screaming in their head!

She turned and pushed me so hard I flew back into the hard wooden floor. MY face was burning from humilation. It took every ounce of my body to lift myself up and walk the other way. I clenched my first and drug my feet the other direction.

See the difference, we can relate to the second person, because we feel that pain and humilation that person is feeling.

Just some thoughts about writing.

Brittany. <3

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