Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hints, advice, and help with YA Heros.

So, I went to the Dallas Forth Worth Writing Conference, as *cough cough* a junior literary agent. :)

I learned how it actually is and not to be worried or freaked out. :) Especially when you're meetin your boss for the first time in person. :)

Anywho. To the point of this blog. Which I haven't blogged lately, due to a busy school, work and reading schedule.

So, when going to this conference I learned a few things when I wasnt listening to pitches. (Man it's good to say that.) Anywho.

First off, we all know Young Adult Fiction is a good selling genre right now. So, I was going to share some advice I learned and advice from myself to you authors that are having trouble or looking for some ideas.

When writing about a hero in a book, we all think about hero yay, good looking, saves the day. NO! STOP! HALT! When we look at ourselves what do we see? Perfection! No! (Well maybe some of us do, get over yourselves) We see flaws. #1 thing we need to have in a hero is flaws. We all have them and our heros need them. It brings out a sense of realization to our characters. When we go to work or school we have obstacles we have to overcome. #2 Obstacles. Our hero needs them, what would the story be about if not? #3 No one likes a story where on the first attempt the hero wins...what would be after that? THE END. Negative Ghost Writer. We need the Hero to fall down and not make it at first. We need him to struggle and just when we think he has won, something else happens and bam, he loses it.

But! TA DA! He has another chance and wins the crown, goal, girl, position, war whateves is going on in your book.

-A rough go.
-A ta da I made it ending. :)

We have to have these things in a Hero.

We also want Romance. Let me tell you think from my point of view. I DO NOT READ A BOOK WITHOUT A LOVE INTEREST. I hate to say it but sex sells these days and people want it badly. They want the couple to end up together and skip along happily ever after!

--Those are just some thoughts I had while sitting here reading.

--Hope they helped. :)


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  1. I actually wrote a post on this topic:

    It's a common mistake that people make while writing their MC. Everything just rolls off the MC's back, doesn't phase them. How does an MC earn the right to win, if they didn't get the hell beat out of them along the way? Easy is boring. Conflict, now that's interesting.


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