Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shut up and wait! :)

So, I'm suppose to be doing homework right now. But, I feel this is just as important.

This is some words of advice to the clueless. Which, I'm not far from clueless myself. I was just slapped in the face with reality not to long ago. I mean a good hard smack right in the middle of my forehead.

So, first off. I would like to say. When I finished Fighting Destiny I was like 'hey, I better send this into some publishing company and see if they want it.' Wrong. No, I suggest, no advise anyone looking to get anything published find a good agent.

Another problem. When looking for an agent DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Seriously, yes, I know it sounds boring as crap, but it's not. For myself I looked for an agency looking for immortal series, and I fond TA DA "Lori Perkins Agency," yay! So, after sending my query in by email I recieved a email that night from Marisa. Yeah yeah! She's a boss. Which, asked for a synopsis and a partial. Then, wait for it..... the entire manuscript. Okay, so I was thinking what's next presenting it to the company. Snicker Snicker. No silly.

Next step. Perfection. Being who I am, I have SO MANY GRAMMER MISTAKES. And that is the stage I am at now. editing. Letting Marisa read over to see if I need a professional editor. If you're a new writer I will say that you will do a lot of WAITING. But, believe me trust your agent and it will be rewarded. I know this. Well, I'm getting there at least.

So. Another important thing to add. Make a beast of a query letter, which there are steps to that online. I'm not an expert to tell you this, but pull your agent (whoever is reading it) in by making a beautiful and perfect first sentence. You need something that will pull them into your world, and spit them back out when they are finished reading, but they will be thristy for what happens next. HAHA, Thirsty like a vampire.

Anywho. Just some thoughts I had on my mind while I was supposed to be doing my Meterology Homework. Oh, well the weather can wait.


Brittany Boo

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My thoughts on how I write!

I've recently been working on my third novel "Fallen," which is the third in the series. But, I thought I might share some things that I've been notcing about myself and my writing. I know what I'm going to write better if I read over what I have, then stop, get out the journal my mother bought me and write down step by step the things I want to happen. And, as I fill it out, I find things that I want to put in there. Also, if you read "Characters and Viewpoint,' you will read about a thing writers call 'the bible,' no it's not the actually bible. But, it's a bible for your book. Basically, you write down everything that happens, things you can't remember, things like hair color, eye color, what color shirt, and things you need to remember. It has helped me SO much with my writing. I know things I need to put in there and things I need to remember.

I'm in a intro to creative writing class, right now, and we are writing poetry, which I can't stand. I LOVE to read the kids around me and their work, and of course the famous work out there, but me NO WAY, am I a poet. Everything I try and write is awfully corny and everything rhymes. But, this boy in my class today read his poem, and it touched my heart. I mean, it was obviously very hard for him to read and write. But, it was emotional, passionate, and full of hate. That's when it dawned on me. When I write my scenes about Molly and Zane fighting, I look deep, deep down into my past and my regrets (don't act like you don't have them) and I search. I search ever inch of my heart, for the anger, romance, hatred or anything I need. I do the same thing as this boy, just in a different way. Instead of expressing myself in a poetic number, I put my emotions into my characters.

Oh, and I secretly watch the people around me. HA. I really do. Like today I watched as my teacher became VERY excited over this boys poem. She truely loves it. Also, another person who gets nervous and crosses his legs and shakes his boot on his knee, and others who watch everyone all the time (maybe he was watching everyone for the same reason as me) but his eyes darted as if he was a theif waiting for a clear break, but, I watch the things around me. I watche the silent people, the loud people, and try to see why they do the things they do. Becareful I'M WATCHING!

The last thing I do when I am having a writers block, which I do this constanly anyways, but especially when I am having trouble writing, I READ. Reading other's work, and seeing how it flows so smoothly, you see what you are lacking, you see the things that transends paragraph to paragraph.

-- Read your work, watch and read.