Monday, July 12, 2010


Wow, when I started blogging I never realized how hard it would be with school, work and writing to keep up with it. I haven't blogged since May 31. That a pretty good while ago. But, I have been busy. I've recently found an apartment with two other girls, which we are moving into at the end of this month. Im soooo excited! Its two second both from my school and work! yay. But, to the most important thing going on in my life right now, Fighting Destiny. My agent gave me a edited copy of some of my book, showing me what I need to look for. So, there I went. Searching over my writing, for grammer mistakes, spelling mistakes, and things that didnt quite make much since. My Dad then follows after me, correcting. Its so much easier for others to find mistakes in your work. I remember last semester when I had my first Creative Writing class, (nonfiction). I would want to cry when we would come on the days where we had to read over other peoples work then hear what they had to say about mine. There would be marks all up and down my page, even though I came out with an A in there, it hurt. But, I wanted to say Thank You, Miss. Payne. For correcting my stories, and thankful enough I was voted to be part of our College's Magizine "The Foliate Oak." I learned more from my Creative Writing teacher than anyone before in English. THank you again. But, I guess this is off for now. I'm editing, then sending it to my agent for reviews, then off to represent it! Can't wait. :)

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