Monday, May 31, 2010

Keeping it going....

Writing, writing, writing. I feel like my life has been overcomed with words, typing and also writing down things on napkins at work when I get an idea. When we aren't busy of course. :) But, summer I starts tomorrow, and I will have math class, business speaking, work, and writing. But, its strange, no matter what is going on in my life I find a way to write. I find a way to write, because I love it. I feel myself getting lost in my characters. Sometimes I think my boyfriend should speed off with ultraspeed into the darkness of the night. Ha. Fighting Destiny is a story that I'm sure girls will love. I'm not to sure about boys, their are some boys that love love stories, so probably some will enjoy it. There are definitely some action scenes in there, but more in my second one that I am working on now. I've asked my agent if it would be okay to put a short section of my book on my blog or my fanpage on facebook, but I just done that, so I will know soon. I just wanted to let people know a little bit of how it will read. But, if that doesnt happen, hopefully y'all will get to see it on the shelves soon. Eventhough, I've read it can take a long time to get a book published, so, it might be a few months, I'll keep you guys updated on everything.

- Love, Brittany

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